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Intelligent and Predictive CRM

As the leads are generated, your dashboard will show all the vital Information you need to keep track of your new business opportunities. Identifying your most valuable prospects and your next to do items, you’ll never be unorganized again.
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Immediate Agent Notifications

Instantly see the property that prompted the lead to sign up.
Track their favorite properties as well as how long they stayed
on your site. Get notified by text and email immediately so you can catch them and have that first conversation while they’re hot.
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Automate your nurture period

Manage your time as well as your leads.
Save hours every week through a sales process that takes away the most time consuming tasks. With smart text initiating the correspondence and relevant MLS drip campaigns being sent out, Consistently providing value to your leads ensures that Great Agent keeps you top of mind as a real estate agent.
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Smart Text

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Customizable e-Alerts

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To Do List

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I picked my broker because of the quality leads they produced having the Great Agent system.

Rita Little

Realtor: Good Life Realty


Manage your team like never before

Our agent accountability feature ensures you can see at a glance your
agents key metrics and how they are performing. Performance scores
look at how exactly they are nurturing their leads and shows clearly
where they are lagging or excelling. It has never been easier
to manage your real estate team.
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All the Tools You Need in One Intelligent Platform

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Customized Website

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High Quality Leads

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Intelligent CRM

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Success Coaching

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