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    21 Step Qualification Process


    Producing quality leads for your agents is a great way to build out your team. Our 21 step process looks at a set criteria to determine whether a leads phone number and email is valid or not. This ensures you only speak to motivated sellers and buyers.

    “The Great Agent Team have been nothing short of amazing! Anytime that we have any questions, concerns or just need basic questions answered, their team always respond immediately. In addition, their willingness to be open minded to feedback as to how their system can be improved on a daily basis makes them an absolute pleasure to work with. If you’re looking for an all encompassing lead management solution, Great Agent is the company for you!”

    Grigory Pekarsky

    Managing Broker, RNP Real Estate Group

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    Intelligent Growth
    Maximize closing-rate with a streamlined and automated nurturing process. Coaching from our success team and top performing brokers ensures you capture every deal possible.

    Agent Safety: Background Check on Leads
    By having a soft criminal background check on all your online leads, you and your agents can be aware of prior convictions and plan your appointments accordingly.

    Customize every follow up for each lead
    Tailor every follow up depending on how the lead wants to be contacted. Some prefer a text message, but the people who prefer a phone call get offended if you send them a text. Having a system that determines each lead’s communication preference is crucial.

    Accountability that drives performance

    The nurturing period is where deals are won and lost. Tracking both performance and the follow-up ensures everyone is pulling their weight.

    This feature drives your team to their peak performance as each member is rewarded with additional leads when they respond to leads promptly, work their pipeline and close deals.

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